Passage International : Study Abroad, Experiential Education Program in South Asia

Study Abroad, Experiential Education Program in South Asia

Mission Statement

Passage International (previously known as Passage Project) was formed by a group of educators sharing a similar vision: To facilitate experiential education and global understanding by creating opportunities for students to live and learn abroad. We aim to provide experiences that foster global awareness and encourage all participants to make a positive change through international exchange.

The spirit and ethos of cross-cultural education is to encourage people to discover one another through personal interaction. With that as our central goal, Passage creates personalized opportunities for experiential learning.


Who We Are

Our team is comprised of Americans and South Asians who have all participated in many study abroad programs and are committed experiential educators. Years of experience have given us a vast array of contacts and deep insight into the cultures and communities in which our programs operate. Our leaders are committed to embracing different learning styles. They support students as they process and articulate their experiences and encourage students to shape their own learning.

Passage staff and students are treated like family; but we also retain the professional touch that comes from our many years of experience conducting study abroad programs. We are committed to providing the best cultural immersion by drawing from our many years of experience and vast array of contacts with deep insights into the cultures and communities in which our programs operate.



Passage coordinators are the heart of our programs. They are well traveled, knowledgeable and have a strong connection to the region in which they work, fluent in the local languages, customs and traditions. Combined with student interests, each program is molded by their specific expertise and passions. Their commitment to experiential education enables students to shape their own learning.



Anil Chitrakar - The Man behind ECCA-Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness, Anil trained in the United States as an engineer and energy planner. He implemented the National Conservation Strategy for Nepal, and developed an ecologically sustainable, hydropower project for Nepal. He received an Ashoka Fellowship for launching Environmental Camps and launched the Kathmandu 2020 campaign aimed at envisioning and attaining a better future for Kathmandu by mobilizing its residents. Anil ventured funds for environmental groups with support from USAID and is one of the 100 “Global Leaders for Tomorrow” awardees -1993.



ECCA has been a leading organization in the sector of social mobilization and community development. It implements various programs so as to raise the quality of life through the wise use of available local resources and application of alternate and renewable technologies. They work with communities on projects like: Light for All, Adopt a tree Support a child, Safe drinking water, Promotion of Alternate Energy, School Environment Improvement Program, Conservation Education and Community and Kathmandu Participatory River Monitoring.


Safety and Health

Safety of Passage Students is our Number One Priority.

Passage has a track record of success – our programs are well established with years of experience and a solid reputation.

We conduct thorough on-site student orientation programs, especially with respect to student health, safety, security, crime and other risk issues in the country of travel.

Prior to the start of each program, students receive country-specific health guidelines including required and recommended immunizations as specified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Local health issues are later reviewed with students during initial in-country program orientation and are monitored throughout the semester.


Giving Back

Kids from Orchid GardenAs an organization working in various South Asian communities and learning from their ways of life, we want to create projects that provide opportunities for mutual learning. We achieve this by building upon the relationships established through our educational journeys to create Reciprocal Exchange Projects. These projects, such as our unique approach to sponsoring children in need, help to promote individual and global change by creating opportunities for personal exchanges between our communities.


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