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Study Abroad, Experiential Education Program in South Asia

Giving Back

Kids from Orchid GardenAs an organization working in various South Asian communities and learning from their ways of life, we want to create projects that provide opportunities for mutual learning. We achieve this by building upon the relationships established through our educational journeys to create Reciprocal Exchange Projects. These projects, such as our unique approach to sponsoring children in need, help to promote individual and global change by creating opportunities for personal exchanges between our communities.


The Sponsorship Project

Educating Children in South Asia
Through long-term, in-depth and interactive sponsorship, Passage International provides support and stability to children in need in our host communities.

We sponsor the education of three children through a Kathmandu NGO, Sewa Kendra, and two daughters of former and present staff. Jangmu Sherpa is now joining the first year in Business Bachelors Studies and Nalini Maharjan is in elementary school.

Passage International also works closely with sponsors. Donors to the sponsorship fund can be kept informed about their beneficiaries and their communities, if they wish. We send out regular reports on each student's progress, as well as letters and photos from the student. Passage will even organize visits between the students and their sponsors when possible.

Food and Nutrition Projects
Nalini MaharjanWe assist a US-based charity started by a student's parents, Frank and Maureen Fernandez,, to identify organizations that focus on providing food and nutritional support to children. The charity is already funding Orchid Garden Nepal, a non-profit Day Care Center located in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Center cares for between 45 to 60 children, ranging between 18 months to five years of age. The families have very little income, and either both parents are working, or there is only a single parent. They are generally people of lower castes who cannot meet their children's basic needs, and struggle every day just to get by. The Center tries to provide these children with at least two meals of milk and rice each day. However, given their limited resources, this is often not possible. The children are all cared for at a single location, which consists of a single room. Their hopes and spirits are high, but they are hungry. Keenan's Kids is providing a milk and rice program, along with vegetable and fruit supplements to ensure that the Center is able to feed these children twice a day.

HOW YOU CAN HELP - Yes! I would like to promote change through exchange by donating to Passage International. I am excited at the potential that my contribution holds in helping students realize their dreams and in helping to promote global understanding. I am sending my wire transfer made out to 'Passage International'.

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