Passage International : Study Abroad, Experiential Education Program in South Asia

Study Abroad, Experiential Education Program in South Asia

Personal Passage

Passage provides personal journeys for mature and motivated individuals of all ages. These can take place at any time and last from six to twenty weeks in Nepal and twenty-four weeks in India.

We are currently offering Personal Passages in Nepal and in Varanasi, India.

The goal of a Personal Passage is to help students create their own experience by providing the methods, as well as the space and freedom, to make their experience happen for themselves. Unlike traveling to a new land alone, we give the support, contacts, and basic means to know a place and a culture intimately. There are many options.

At least two months before a personal journey begins we start to develop an itinerary through e-mail conversations. We discuss the student's personal interests and goals and work closely with them to design a unique itinerary that suits their vision.