Passage International : Study Abroad, Experiential Education Program in South Asia

Study Abroad, Experiential Education Program in South Asia


"For almost seven years I have been intrigued by the Tibetan culture and history. Only through books and imagining in my mind's eye have I had a chance to experience the culture. Over the last two weeks I have been able to live everyday life; cook, clean, talk, laugh, learn, and share with a unique traditional Tibetan family. I lived with three women, from three generations. My grandmother (Momola), who is 83 years old, and my mother (Amala), were both born and grew up in Tibet. In 1959 they fled with their family and the Dalai Lama from Tibet to Nepal where they currently live and work. Tendol, my 25- year-old host sister, was born and raised in Kathmandu with her brother, sister and cousins. All but Tendol are currently studying in America or India. Their family runs a small handicrafts shop at the Boudha Stupa. This small family has graciously taken me in and included me into the folds of their everyday life, and the stories of their history. To hear the trials and triumphs, to understand the religion and culture from their point of view, to eat their amazing food and to learn their language is an experience that no book can explain, no words can describe. I thank my host family from the bottom of my heart for their openness, hospitality, history, and for including me in their story."

- Leah, Tibetan Summer 2006


"Living with Tsering La and Wang La has been an amazing experience. They have made me part of their family as I have lived here for years making me feel very comfortable and open to the experience. The grandfather in the family has been a great influence given his painting expertise and how spiritually driven he is. Even though he speaks neither English nor Nepali we were able to form a relationship showing the warm and welcoming spirit of the family. In all I am leaving with a very warm feeling in my heart and with relationships that I’m sure will last a lifetime."

- Isabel Garcia, Personal Passage 2009


"Definitely my homestay family are warm hearted people. I would positively recommend them to any student. Keep in mind however, that, the majority of Nepali are Hindu/Buddhist and with my homestay family being Christian that part of the culture is not prevalent. It was a great fit for me – but individual students will have to decide for themselves."

- Logan D.A. Williams, Personal Passage 2009


"The family is very nice. The atmosphere is always happy. The food is good and I had a lot of freedom to do what I want. The members of the family are all sincere and open-hearted. And the family really is a history itself."

- Yuchen Zhao, Personal Passage 2009


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