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Study Abroad, Experiential Education Program in South Asia

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"Going into the process of silver jewelry making, I must say I did not know what to expect at all. The only thing that I knew about jewelry buying or making is shopping at Tiffany and Company. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of arts and craft that I have ever done. From buying the silver and carrying it in a zip lock bag, melting it in the burning hot furnace, pouring that melting hot silver into a stick. Then hours of smashing that little silver stick into the desirable shape and form, bending and molding that shape into a bracelet. From having little silver pellets into a hard metal bracelet and polishing it, whether it is nice or not you will end up loving everything that you did, because it's your own sweat that went into it."?

- Phong Ba Le, Tibetan Summer 2006


"Both Leah and I felt incredibly blessed to have the experience to talk with and learn from Amchi (Doctor) Lopsang at the Shelkar Institute in Boudha. We found ourselves not only learning about the foundations of Tibetan medicine, but also being able to discuss with the Amchi about how the medical situation has changed in Tibet since the Chinese occupation, as well as his more personal memories of and experiences in Tibet. Each day we were greeted by his kindness, offered warm tea, and found ourselves in the presence of a wonderful teacher and new friend as we escaped the monsoon and entered into the institute filled with the aroma of medicinal plants. While the students at the institute study for seven years to become Tibetan doctors, Leah and I were still able to get a small glimpse into the basics of Tibetan medicine."

- Jennie, Tibetan Summer 2006


"When we become ill it is believed to be due to an imbalance in these five elements within our bodies. Tibetan medicine then treats each illness or disease with a combination of mineral, animal, and plant medicine in such a way that works to bring the body back into balance by treating our bodies with medicine made of the elements that we are lacking or have an imbalance of in our body. The philosophy within this embraces the Buddhist concept of interconnectedness that exists between each individual and the world we live in. I was greatly inspired by the philosophy within Tibetan medicine as well as the wisdom, kindness, and friendship that the Amchi offered us."

- Jennie, Tibetan Summer 2006


"Perhaps the most amazing thing to me is the friendliness among the children. Many young kids, boys and girls alike, walk along cheerfully with arms around each other, an activity might seem too touchy-feely to 8-year-old American boys. There is a warmth among them that seems to identify with a universal model of childhood happiness. In a world where video games and violence on television is virtually non-existent, kids here seem to live a happier and more carefree existence. Coming from a mechanized, self-assured Western culture, I felt refreshed to see innocence embraced so openly, among children who need nothing more the their collective imaginations to entertain themselves."

- Brian, Tibetan Summer 2002


"Yoga was a great experience. Rupesh was amazingly patient and helpful. He had great enthusiasm for his work and class didn't just end with poses, he took the time to explain the basics of why yoga is so useful to the body and how it should be used as more than just a way to keep flexible and in shape."

- Caitlyn, Personal Passage 2008


"I did way too many things in the five months I was here to choose one favorite, especially because they were of such different natures. The field trips I took in the last few weeks as part of my Ayurveda program offered much insight into the modern problems and potential of the field, specifically in Nepal but internationally relevant. The trek was personally immensely challenging and rewarding. The Himalayas are glorious, there’s no way to put it into words. Again, the tours with Anil were like enormous everlasting Willy Wonka cherries on the cake of everything else.

- Mikaela, Personal Passage 2008


"I think being in Nepal itself was the most positive experience. Like I told my coordinator: In the midst of the pollution, the strikes, and the poverty, Nepal has a charm about it that pulls you in and makes you want to know more about yourself and the culture responsible for this process of self-awareness."

- Isabel Garcia, Personal Passage 2009


"The nepali language class especially had my head spinning the first two weeks. The teacher was very, very good. I liked his props, and, how he tried to make the class both interesting and very relevant. He was also flexible about his teaching style, trying to make it fit to my learning style.

- Logan D.A. Williams, Personal Passage 2009


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