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Study Abroad, Experiential Education Program in South Asia

Passage International

"After a short drive from the airport I arrive at a beautiful home in the city where I'm greeted by my program director Vidhea and her 25 year old son Yanik. We get to know one another over tea, and the ease with which they open up to me about their own lives and perceptions makes me feel right at home. It is evident that this small but intensely warm family has been fighters from the beginning. A lover of music and the arts, and a performer herself, it is amazing to fathom how she still manages to find time to devote to philanthropic causes as well as handling her own business, The Passage Project. Here is someone who truly knows the meaning of freedom, both mental and physical, having overcome everything from the ties of tradition and political instability to the throes of a battle with cancer."

- Kristen, Personal Passage 2008


"At Vidhea’s house instead of hanging with the other students I went off and talked with the gardener and housekeeper along with playing with their girls. I find that they are so interesting that I want to spend as much time with them then other Americans, I feel like these Nepalese people are helping me cope with being away from home more than I feel that I am doing anything to them."

- Jessica, Personal Passage 2008


"I received adequate support and advising from the on-site program staff with arranging dates and sorting ticket issues; everything very well set up but with flexibility to adapt during the trip."

- Emily, Personal Passage 2008


"Since my time with Passage, I've returned to Kathmandu twice, for a total of six more months- something that would have been much more difficult had I not had my initial Passage experience to build on. The Passage staff was extremely resourceful and flexible. With everything from reading recommendations and tips on local music venues to advice on trekking, I found Passage to provide me with an invaluable local perspective that entirely enhanced my Nepal experience."

- Ben, Personal Passage 2003


"Vidhea is a wonderfully kind hearted person. She is constantly aware of others’ needs or wishes, never seemingly thinking of herself first. Her generosity and dedication are unparalleled. There is also a sense of calm confidence and deep love she expresses in her way, a way that many should aspire toward. She understood and was aware of my interests as she made sure to include a lecture on Buddhism, had me living with a previous monk, and visiting many monasteries. Not only was Vidhea able to pursue and bring my interest to light but she did it through very adequate resources and good information. I felt I could approach her with any sort of problems as she is a good listener and is able to provide the assistance required when needed. She is a receptive and open hearted person, easy to communicate with, a pleasure to have as a coordinator. She responded to an emergency that occurred on the trek with much integrity and dedication as well as care and support. Though I know she would have loved to pursue the trek with us, attention was needed for one of our group members. She took full responsibility and returned to Darjeeling with him, an act that shows how selfless she really is."

- Toby, Tibetan Summer 2002


"I thought the program was coordinated very well, and I had a world of resources and information at my disposal just by picking my coordinator's brain on any of the topics that we were studying (and some that we were not). I came to Kathmandu with few expectations and the program greatly surpassed them. I feel that I accomplished so much in such a short period of time, and was able to meet so many interesting people along the way. It is difficult to designate just one most valuable aspect of the program, but I will have to say the trekking was something so new and refreshing for me. It definitely made me realize that there are plenty of things that I still have yet to try so I wouldn't have given that up for anything."

- Sapna, Tibetan Spring Semester 2004


"The coordinator went above and beyond the call of duty. He did a great job handling the group especially in difficult situations. He made sacrifices for the betterment of the group many times and knew exactly what to do in any situation. He understood my interests very clearly and set me up with a home stay family he knew I would enjoy. My interest was in art and the head of my family was a thangka painter. Also during monastery visits he took time to explain the creation and meaning of the art depicted within the monastery walls. The coordinator, early on, made it very easy to feel comfortable around him - which proved to be a key element to the success of the group."

- John, Tibetan Summer 2004


"Passage Project helped me learn how to live in Kathmandu. It provided me with a home stay, and ample volunteer opportunities. Moreover, as a participant in the individual passage program, I was able to work at my own speed and pursue my own interests without being constricted to the schedule of a group program. Passage was particularly flexible and resourceful when helping me to find learning and volunteer opportunities. Furthermore, it allowed me to adjust my ideas and interests as they changed during my stay. The Passage staff was extremely resourceful and flexible. With everything from reading recommendations and tips on local music venues to advice on trekking, I found Passage to provide me with an invaluable local perspective that entirely enhanced my Nepal experience. The Passage experience has been truly worthwhile for me both personally and intellectually. The design of the program enables students with the right balance of consistency and independence that is so important when one experiences such a different culture/ environment."?

- Liz, Tibetan Summer 2005


"I absolutely would recommend the program to other students. I don't particularly enjoy being a tourist - I don't do the tourist thing, I move to the place instead. Passage gave me a home and a support structure, and I was able to LIVE in Nepal, rather than feeling like a perpetual visitor. I really enjoyed living in Nepal, and it was made so much easier by having everything in place, waiting for me. I also enjoyed having freedom to do what interested me, but to have someone to go to with questions or for advice."

- Cassie, Personal Passage 2005


"The Personal Passage in Nepal was most definitely a worthwhile experience. It exceeded my expectations. Passage found me a volunteer/internship situation, which no other programs in Nepal could do. My language lessons and home stay were wonderful. Sometimes the home stay were frustrating because my host parents would worry about me being out until 8:30 PM (!) or going off to hike or run alone, etc. I came to Nepal to get away from a part of that. But this mostly came from me being a cliché teenager with authority issues. It was actually a good learning experience - they genuinely cared for me and I had to see it as care and not as blind paternal power assertion. I have been very happy with everything Passage found for me. Everything has been great here. Passage has given me a trip of a lifetime out of this gap year. I can't wait to get home and talk to some of my younger friends from high school about it. I'm also planning on asking my old high school if I can do a short demonstration on gap year and what I did during my gap year and about Passage."

- Jon, Personal Passage 2004/2005


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