Passage International : Study Abroad, Experiential Education Program in South Asia

Study Abroad, Experiential Education Program in South Asia

Mission Statement

Passage International (previously known as Passage Project) was formed by a group of educators sharing a similar vision: To facilitate experiential education and global understanding by creating opportunities for students to live and learn abroad. We aim to provide experiences that foster global awareness and encourage all participants to make a positive change through international exchange.

The spirit and ethos of cross-cultural education is to encourage people to discover one another through personal interaction. With that as our central goal, Passage creates personalized opportunities for experiential learning.

Passage believes that experiential learning is twofold: on the one hand, it fosters a grounded understanding of the "other", while on the other, it encourages an honest view of the self. Institutions of higher education must equip students both on and off-campus with the tools they need to be effective world citizens. Their increased ability to appreciate the complexities, similarities and differences that exist in our ever-shrinking world will lead them toward careers and service-related activities based on this substantive knowledge and experience.

Our diverse programs run year-round, from six-week summer sessions to twelve-week spring and fall semesters. We also provide personal and custom group journeys to cater to those with more specific needs.

In each of our programs students are immersed in new cultures through group and self-directed methods, including carefully picked home stays, internships, seminars, cultural excursions and language study. All of these are supervised by our coordinators chosen for their knowledge of the host countries and their experience with cross-cultural education, and for their enthusiasm and good judgment. The programs provide an encompassing yet flexible curriculum in a safe environment, creating genuine integration and understanding between the students and their host communities.

After completing a Passage program, students can continue to rely on us. Our assistance begins by helping students to bring their experiences home to their families and friends. With a growing network of alumni and members willing to share their skills, experiences and contacts with each other, Passage can help students use what they have learnt abroad to benefit themselves and others. Upon graduating from a Passage program, students return with a deeper understanding and insight of life and themselves.


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